harmony oneI've had a Logitech Harmony universal remote for years now, in fact I've had one since Windows XP was the newest thing on the block.

I used the remote and the accompanying special Windows software to configure it time and again.

However, Windows XP is long since end-of-lifed and the Logitech Harmony software never worked properly with Windows 7.
Moving Windows XP to a VirtualBox instance on my current Kubuntu computer worked, but I was never able to make the remote connect to the virtualized Windows XP environment.

I recently bought a new media device and needed to set it up with the remote, so now the need was greater than ever!

With the help of my friend Google I was able to find a guide to set up the firmware customizing using a Ubuntu terminal.
Supposedly there was a GUI availble too, but I never bothered.

This is how I did it.




I won't go into details, just add comments to parts where I got stumped.

  1. I started out here:
    Above site is gone. Below is a summary from

    Install Concordance
    # apt-get install concordance

    Check to see if remote is detected
    # concordance -i -v
  2. You should now be set, but the guide in §1 doesn't tell you how to use Concordance.

  3. Enter the Google again. Go to this site:

  4. The guide specifies Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit. I used 20.04 64-bit.

  5. The guide in §4 suggests to install some further packages, so do that.

  6. Follow the rest of the guide in §4.

  7. When downloading the firmware files, I initially used Google Chrome but nothing was saved.
    I tried Firefox instead and behold, the first file was downloaded and I waited for the second, but it never came.

  8. When reading the guide in §4 again, I still couldn't figure out where my second file was.
    So I checked ther guide again and figured I should run the Connectivity.EZHex with Concordance anyway.

  9. Now the second file showed up for downloading!

  10. After saving the second file, I ran Update.EZHex with Concordance and waited for wizard to finish.

  11. Testing the now freshly updated remote, it worked like a charm!

  12. We're done.




I've had some initial succes with using Congruity by installing mhgui on my Kubuntu-workstation.

Install it like this.

The tested version of Congruity was v20.

$ sudo apt install mhgui


You may need to create an account first on, but after that, it should be pretty straight-forward.

You also may, or may not have to do this on a Windows-computer. It's a bit unclear, as the Create Account-button on mhgui at first didn't do antyhing.
The day after it worked, don't know why though. Maybe Logitech had another web outage on their Harmony-sites.
















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