Me, me and me!

Yeah, the short and sweet of it; I'm an avid motorcyclist, married IT-guy with two sons living in a suburban hell Suburbia on the outskirts of Uppsala, Sweden

Photo by Meltrockphoto MC

Picture courtesy of Meltrockphoto MC.



A little more background to this revamped site

These pages were originally made back in 1997 using the e editor, the PMJPEG v1.74 and Galleria v2.31 picture viewers, Netscape Communicator/2 v4.61 browser for IBM OS/2 Warp v4.0 operating system. The webpages were then optimized with the OS/2 version of Netscape Communicator in mind, and best viewed using 1024x768x65536 dpi. Also for your viewing pleasure, these pages were almost completely Microsoft-free and nearly 100% decaffeinated!

Not so recent happenings have however forced me to use Notepad, Windows XP Pro, Internet Explorer and Irfanview, and completely abandon OS/2 - It will be missed. 

In 2018 - now then - this site is run on a lateish version of CentOS a Debian based OS, edited in Windows 10 the latest Kubuntu LTS version and CentOS 7, and best viewed with the Google Chrome web browser. While it's not decaffeinated anymore, the javascript bits are quite fast! The site today, is best viewed at full-HD resolutions, 1920x1080. The responsive parts are good enough now of the used Joomla-template leaves something to desire (until I get better at webdev'ing...).

Four years later we write January 2023 and we're yet again here with a site revamp. The new CMS is in place and the whole thing seems snappier. Time will tell I guess.

To my knowledge no animals were harmed during the creation of this site.

While coding html I prefer drinking Coca-Cola, espresso or Trocadero (can you tell I'm a caffeine fan?) and eating Skåne Konfektyrer English Winegums Bassett's winegums, sandwiches and/or cold pizza to keep the creative juices flowing. Yeah, one might say that I'm almost the stereotypical computer nerd.

Listening to Depeche Mode, Def Leppard, Vivaldi, various mp3-music Spotifytechno, female vocal trance and 80s pop music while coding, tends to create a more creative environment.

I recommend all of the above, especially OS/2 CentOS, Kubuntu, Coca-Cola and sandwiches! :-)



My interests vary, but new technology, of any kind, is a passion of mine. 
I like birds, we had a cockatiel left a few years ago - the kid's arrival kinda' moved our focus pretty drastically...
When the corona pandemic struck I needed the niche where Jena resided in his cage, for my home-office. Luckily we found a new family for him where he gets more attention, as well as has a cockatiel friend too.

About the motorcycle crazy-thing mentioned above. I am heavily into motorcycles. I own three of them.

  • The main one is my KTM, this is the bike I commute on, instruct at Knix courses with, use for shorter and longer trips and generally the do-it-all-bike.
  • The Honda Dominator is the designated winter-commuter and customised for that specific purpose with studded tires, heated grips, handle-bar muffs and so on.
  • The Suzuki is the dual-sporter for those off the road adventures and instructoring at offroad courses. This bike rarely sees much tarmac other than to and from the gravel-roads I usually frequent.

Next, intructoring. It all started back in 2008 when I relapsed into motorcycles again after having had a pause for studies etc. In 2009 I decided to give SMC's Knix a go, because you know - I'm an ace on motorcycles, right? Wrong. Oh, so wrong!

At my first Knix I realised I'd been lucky to stay on the road till now. I'd aquired a lot of quirks over the years which each on their own weren't too bad. Put together though, I was an accident waiting to happen. I attended so many Knix-courses that year I kinda' had to ask what I had to do to become an instructor myself (and skip having to pay for the fun!). Things went fast and a week later I was an instructor candidate.

A year later in the autumn of 2010 I did my examination and was now a licensed instructor for Knix courses. Six years later I got interested in offroad riding (it may have had to do with my increasing age and dito speeds on the gocart tracks we use for Knix...).
Another year later, in spring of 2017, I passed the examination and got licensed as an offroad-specialist.

In 2018 I plan to really focus on offroading. The satisfaction after having completed a controlled slide in a curve on gravel is hard to beat. Come join us! We are nice people, if occasionally quite dusty!



Me and my motorcycles

Me and my KTM 990 SMR-2012.
Technical data about this motorcycle can be found here.
Pic by Meltrockphoto MC.
Photo taken at the SMC Knix in Åland 2016-05-14.

Photo by Meltrockphoto MC


Me and my Honda NX650 Dominator-1988.
Technical data about this motorcycle can be found here.
Pic by Meltrockphoto MC.
Photo taken at the SMC Offroad Instructor's Derustifying Event in Rosersberg 2017-04-19.
Photo by Meltrockphoto MC


Me and my Suzuki DRZ400S-2000.
Technical data about this motorcycle can be found here.
Pic by Meltrockphoto MC.
Photo taken at the SMC Offroad Instructor's Training Event in Rosersberg 2018-04-30.
Photo by Meltrockphoto MC; Grusavrostning 2018-04-30 i Rosersberg

















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