I run a three-node cluster and just recently one of the nodes had a PSU fail, thus leaving just two of three nodes working.

Sure enough, the cluster dropped and syncing stopped while also some VMs stopped because of no quorate.

2024 03 22 07 39 02


Temporary solution

I solved this temporarily by running the below command.

root@cyndane5:~# pvecm expected 2


Then waiting a bit and after a few minutes, I run the below command.

root@cyndane5:~# pvecm status
Cluster information
Name: skynet
Config Version: 14
Transport: knet
Secure auth: on

Quorum information
Date: Fri Mar 22 10:10:55 2024
Quorum provider: corosync_votequorum
Nodes: 2
Node ID: 0x00000003
Ring ID: 1.8439
Quorate: Yes

Votequorum information
Expected votes: 2
Highest expected: 2
Total votes: 2
Quorum: 2
Flags: Quorate

Membership information
Nodeid Votes Name
0x00000001 1
0x00000003 1 (local)


In the Proxmox web-GUI the quorum status was now green.

2024 03 22 08 09 57



Picking up the pieces - restoring to normal

When the third node is fixed and back online I'll run the below command and will be expecting all back to normal.

Ie, using three expected nodes.

root@cyndane5:~# pvecm expected 3



Future enhancements

A way to avoid this broken quorate would be to use a Qdevice. When the failed node has been fixed I'll look into that.








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