Recover from stupid mistakes in /etc/fstab...

Use either of the below solutions.

  1. Boot from CentOS install DVD and choose Rescue System-option. Then browse to /mnt/sysimage to see the...
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Q: How do I redirect X output from an ssh-session to the local computers Cygwin X-session?
A: Open terminal, enter "export DISPLAY=".
Change IP to your own...
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Q: How do I remove the ads from Windows Live Messenger?
A: Note that you might need admin-rights to do either of these solutions!

Alternative 1:
  1. Go to %windir%\system32\drivers\etc and...
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Q: How do I replace text in file using sed?

A: The below replaces text string "test" with the new string "test-new" in file called "text.txt".

# sed 's/test/test-new/g' text.txt


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