When a failed harddisk has been confirmed, follow the below guide to replace the disk.

Assuming a Dell R710, a PERC 6 RAID-card and a new or used SAS (2TB) harddrive.
The server is using a RAID6 array.



  1. Reboot the server.
  2. Press Ctrl-R when the PERC blurb shows on-screen.
  3. Check the disks under the Physical disks tree-branch on the first screen.
  4. Confirm a drive has a FAILED-flag showing.
  5. Press Ctrl-N to go to the next page.
  6. Find the failed drive and chose to see the options for it.
  7. Choose Take off-line and confirm the warning.
  8. The disk should not be seen at the first screen, Physical disks tree-branch.
  9. Put in a new disk.
  10. The PERC should automatically start rebuilding the array after a short period of time.
  11. Exit the PERC-utility and press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to reboot.
  12. Monitor the boot to see that no errors are thrown.


Next steps

Next steps can be performed from the office.

  1. Connect with ssh to the server.
  2. Open three terminals and run these commands, one in each terminal.
    1. $ watch -n 10 megacli -LDInfo -L0 -a0
    2. $ watch -n 10 megaraidsas-status
    3. $ watch -n 10 megacli -PDRbld -ShowProg -PhysDrv [32:4] -aAL


What the commands do

2.1 A general output of the virtual drive information.

Adapter 0 -- Virtual Drive Information:
Virtual Drive: 0 (Target Id: 0)
Name :raid6
RAID Level : Primary-6, Secondary-0, RAID Level Qualifier-3
Size : 7.275 TB
Sector Size : 512
Parity Size : 3.637 TB
State : Partially Degraded
Strip Size : 64 KB
Number Of Drives : 6
Span Depth : 1
Default Cache Policy: WriteBack, ReadAheadNone, Direct, No Write Cache if Bad BBU
Current Cache Policy: WriteBack, ReadAheadNone, Direct, No Write Cache if Bad BBU
Default Access Policy: Read/Write
Current Access Policy: Read/Write
Disk Cache Policy : Disk's Default
Encryption Type : None
Is VD Cached: No
Exit Code: 0x00


2.2 Shows the individual disk statuses and what they currently do.

-- Arrays informations --
-- ID | Type | Size | Status
a0d0 | RAID 6 | 7450GiB | DEGRADED
-- Disks informations
-- ID | Model | Status | Warnings
a0e32s0 | TOSHIBA MG04SCA200E 1863GiB | online
a0e32s1 | SEAGATE ST2000NM0001 1863GiB | online
a0e32s2 | IBM-ESXS ST2000NM0023 1863GiB | online
a0e32s3 | SEAGATE ST2000NM0001 1863GiB | online
a0e32s4 | HITACHI HUS72402CLAR2000 1863GiB | rebuild | errs: media:0 other:8
a0e32s5 | IBM-ESXS ST2000NM0023 1863GiB | online
There is at least one disk/array in a NOT OPTIMAL state.


2.3 The rebuilding progress.

Rebuild Progress on Device at Enclosure 32, Slot 4 Completed 42% in 203 Minutes.
Exit Code: 0x00



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Using perccli with Dell PE R710 and Perc 6/i










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