1. Intro

My main CentOS 7 install at home uses glibc v2.17. Dropbox however as of 2018-10-18 requires >=v2.19. A quick search on the interweb suggested Dropbox can be run containerized using Docker.

What is Docker then? Have a look at these links!

The technology in itself is highly interesting from a personal standpoint, and judging from the amount of articles on the web the tech is trending and very hot.


2. General how-to

  1. Install Docker.
  2. Set up sudo access as needed for your user.
  3. Get and use the Dropbox Docker image as described from
  4. Further Docker reading available in the Sources listing below.


3. Useful commands

# dropbox-start
Start the containerized dropbox.
# dropbox status
Check the specific container status.
# dropbox
Shows a list of available sub/commands.
# docker ps
Show container data.




These are the articles in the basic order I needed them after first encountering





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