Q: Steps to take to migrate /home to a new hd on the same computer.


1. Inform user of plans to add new harddrive and tell them to backup anything important off of the particular computer.

2. Shutdown computer.

3. Install new hd.

4. Boot computer.

5. Set computer to runlevel 1 (single-user login), so that no users may log on while finishing the move.

6. Check /etc/sysconfig/hwconfig to find out what the hd is actually called. Should normally be "hdb".

7. Run "fdisk /dev/hdb" to prepare the new disk.

8. Press p to see a partition list.

9. Press n to create a new partition hdb1. Use primary, 1, 1 and the default settings.

10. Press w to write the partition data and stuff to disk.

11. Run "mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdb1" to format the partition.

12. Move the old /home to eg /home.bak, "mv /home /home.bak".

13. Create new /home, "mkdir /home".

14. Mount the new new hd to /home, "mount /dev/hdb1 /home".

15. Copy the data from /home.bak to /home, "cp -vrfp /home.bak /home". (v=verbose, r=recursive, f=force, p=retain permissions).

16. Edit /etc/fstab to automount /dev/hdb1 as /home at boot. Copy the deault settings; compare with other mounts in fstab.

17. Reboot.

18. Ensure the computer is running at runlevel 5 (multiuser with X).

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