Q: Vad är OFFLB.EXE som körs på min dator?

A: En Officeapplikation har antagligen kraschat och Office Life Boat har automatiskt startats för att rädda ev innehÃ¥ll.
Spara ev...
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Q: Virtualbox fails to start guest after linux kernel update. How to fix?'
A: As root run:
# /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup
You may get an error message about DKMS. Most times you can...
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Q: Somebody sent me an article in FDF-format. What are FDF-files and how do I open it.

A: Basically, FDF-files are really PDF-files saved under another name. Acrobat Reader should be able to read...

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Q: What is the CSC-folder in c:\windows? It's huge and I need the space!
A: The CSC-folder contains all off-line file data. If you don't use the off-line files feature of WIndows, you can...
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