Irfanview can't read EPS-files from the NMR. What do I do?
You need to have ghostscript installed. Ask your Sysadmin for help with installing it. With the ghostscript-plugins both...
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Java blocks some sites. What do I do?

To resolve for Windows:
1. Open a command prompt and runt "gpupdate /force".
2. Log off, reboot.
3. Log on again and test the problem sites.

Setting the...

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Q: Jag kan inte formattera mitt USB-minne. Varför?
Kolla med Sysadmin att den relevanta...
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How do I make the terminal open in the root of the my home directory and not in the Desktop-folder?
Run the below in one line;
#gconftool-2 --set --type=bool...
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