The /boot partition is full on my CentOS 6 machine and I can't install the new kernel updates. How to solve?

  1. The default boot partition size is about 200 MB. This gets filled pretty quick especially since yum is configured to retain five kernels.
  2. Run
    # uname -a
    All other kernels except this one are probably excess and can be removed with yum remove.
  3. Be careful with not removing the "kernel-firmware" package as this might be problematic at the next reboot...
  4. Remove kernel-x, kernel-headers-x and kernel-devel-x.*
  5. For future reference, do a
    # grep installonly_limit /etc/yum.conf
    Note the number returned. Default is five (5), but if space is scarce, set it to eg three.



* x equals a version number.