1. Intro

harmony oneI've had a Logitech Harmony universal remote for years now, in fact I've had one since Windows XP was the newest thing on the block.

I used the remote and the accompanying special Windows software to configure it time and again.

However, Windows XP is long since end-of-lifed and the Logitech Harmony software never worked properly with Windows 7.
Moving Windows XP to a VirtualBox instance on my current Kubuntu computer worked, but I was never able to make the remote connect to the virtualized Windows XP environment.

I recently bought a new media device and needed to set it up with the remote, so now the need was greater than ever!

With the help of my friend Google I was able to find a guide to set up the firmware customizing using a Ubuntu terminal.
Supposedly there was a GUI availble too, but I never bothered.

This is how I did it.



2. Guide

I won't go into details, just add comments to parts where I got stumped.

  1. I started out here:

  2. Install Concordance as specified in §1.

  3. Your should now be set, but the guide in §1 doesn't tell you how to use Concordance.

  4. Enter the Google again. Go to this site:
    The guide specifies Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit. I used 20.04 64-bit.

  5. The guide in §4 suggests to install some further packages, so do that.

  6. Follow the rest of the guide in §4.

  7. When downloading the firmware files, I initially used Google Chrome but nothing was saved.
    I tried Firefox instead and behold, the first file was downloaded and I waited for the second, but it never came.

  8. When reading the guide in §4 again, I still couldn't figure out where my second file was.
    So I checked ther guide again and figured I should run the Connectivity.EZHex with Concordance anyway.

  9. Now the second file showed up for downloading!

  10. After saving the second file, I ran Update.EZHex with Concordance and waited for wizard to finish.

  11. Testing the now freshly updated remote, it worked like a charm!

  12. We're done.



3. Congruity

I've had some initial succes with using Congruity by installing mhgui on my Kubuntu-workstation.

Install it as this.

The tested version of Congruity was v20.

$ sudo apt install mhgui


You may need to create an account first on, but after that, it should be pretty straight-forward.

You also may, or may not have to do this on a Windows-computer. It's a bit unclear, as the Create Account-button on mhgui at first didn't do antyhing.
The day after it worked, don't know why though. Maybe Logitech had another web outage on their Harmony-sites.



4. Sources













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