1. Symptom

Wifi is off on Win10 computer. Turning it on works, but shuts down after a few seconds.


2. Solution

It has been found that some computers, after the Windows 10 1709 upgrade, turns off the wifi if LAN/WAN switching is checked in computer's BIOS.

To fix this follow the below steps.


  1. Reboot computer and press F10 on the black screen until you see something similar Entering setup or Entering BIOS.
  2. When on the white BIOS screen, go to the System Configuration tab.
  3. Click Device Options. Can also be called Built-in Device Options.
  4. Find LAN/WAN switching and disable it by unchecking it.
  5. Save the settings and exit BIOS, the computer will now reboot.
  6. Login to Windows and confirm that the wifi stays on.
  7. Done.


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