Q: Acrobat or Acrobat Reader Won't open a pdf, it briefly opens and closes down again.

A: This problem has been a companion to Acrobat for a long, long time. The problem has been seen in Acrobnat 5,6 most recently in v7. As a temporary fix, Adobe has released an update, v7.0.1, which supposedly will fix this problem, but the problem still persists randomly. Adobe seems either not to want to fix this or can't(...). The problem itself is related with the OLE-linking from eg IE to Acrobat.

The workaround sofar has been to uncheck the Open PDF in Browser-checkbox in Acrobat in the menu Edit/Preferences and choosing Internet. Uncheck it, check it and close and open the reader in between. In most cases this has worked.

Call the sysadmin if this doesn't help.