harmony oneI've had a Logitech Harmony universal remote for years now, in fact I've had one since Windows XP was the newest thing on the block.

I used the remote and the accompanying special...

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Vad är detta?

Anteckningar och minnesnotiser relaterat till wifi som jag ofta använder eller behöver kolla upp.
Band och kanaler relevanta för Sverige enbart.


Kanaler och frekvenser för 5...

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Wifi is off on Win10 computer. Turning it on works, but shuts down after a few seconds.



It has been found that some computers, after the Windows 10 1709 upgrade, turns off...

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Q: What is the CSC-folder in c:\windows? It's huge and I need the space!
A: The CSC-folder contains all off-line file data. If you don't use the off-line files feature of WIndows, you can...
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