Sounds bizarre doesn't it? Travelling with the dead... Well my intention is to tell you how I and my family coped with taking my father's ashes from Sweden to Yugoslavia (now more known as Serbia).

I will also give some pointers, hints and the like, together with what we experienced during the trip.

Those of who you thought I was going to talk about doing stuff with dead people, should maybe go somewhere else, like Google, because I will mainly deal with more serious stuff here. I will write in english so as to make this text more available to the world.


My father

My father, in an Autobahn queue somewhere in Germany 2001.


Birds. It's really a coincidence me and the wifey got into birds. Wifey likes cats. Me allergic. Fish are too boring although beutiful to look at. Reptiles, eg snakes, creeps me out and wifey alike. Dogs are not an option because we have irregular hours at work and a very small apartment, besides the fact that a dog needs walking on a regular basis. Enter the idea of a bird.

I've always fancied parrots, so this was a natural starter. Wifey thought this was a