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General information

A small list of search engines. These are my preferred ones. There are many more, but these I find most usable.
In 1996 when I first started this listing, the search engine market hadn't quite settled yet, today - you have to consider your privacy when using a search engine.


Ad tracking

Today, ad-tracking is an issue. Google for example uses its ad network to server customized ads to all it's users

It's not easy to find the right thing on the 'net. If you know the search lingo, it'll be a lot easier. Here is how to become a Search Pro in 10 simple steps.


1. Always use small characters
The search engine will then look for the target spelled with both small and big characters.
Most modern search engines are smart enough to return all results, regardless of characters.


2. Be detailed
Start with many search words, then decrease them if you don't find what you're looking