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The list is a support list for OS/2 based Word Processing. Discussion of anything related to native OS/2 Word Processors (DeScribe, AmiPro/2, WordPro, Clear Look, WPOS2 5.2, Star Office, etc), discussion of installing and configuring Windows and DOS word processors under OS/2, and discussion of converting WP files from any format to any other format.

J. N. Pfisterer and Sorin Srbu are the moderators of the os2wp-list. Please forward any os2wp-list related request for assistance to any of them. Thank you.

OS/2 wordprocessing related files

  • AmiPro Icons for use in DeScribe.
  • Pete Tisserand's Ami Pro menus for DeScribe.
  • WP2IPF/2 is a PM program designed to ease the generation of OS/2 INF files.The program will convert Wordperfect 5.1 DOS or 5.2 OS/2 files to .IPF files for later compilation by the IPFC compiler supplied by IBM.

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